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Licensed in 1984 as California real estate broker, Stanley Lo has worked hard to become the #1 realtor in San Mateo County. From selling $95,000 properties to $15 million mansions, Stanley has repeatedly proven his listing strategies work in any market condition or economic cycle. His success is not because of his competitive commission rate only, but his ability to promote client’s properties, revise strategies and make the deal happen, sometimes as many as 3 times a day!

Don’t take our word for it, please read the following testimonials from our clients:

William C Johnson, Foster City
Dear Stanley,

Jeanne and I wish to thank you for your stellar performance as our Realtor. You and your staff listed our home and coached us on preparing for the Open Houses and Realtor Walk-Through.

The publicity was tasteful and complimentary to the sales work. The house sold in 12 days for well over the asking price. Your staff was helpful in preparing documents and completing the sale.

All in all, this was a favorable experience for us and we give you full credit for it.

Sincerely yours,
William C. Johnson

Bill Mayer, Hillsborough
Stanley Lo,

In 1997 you sold my residence in San Mateo Park in 3 days and again in 2014 you also sold my Hillsborough residence in just 3 days at the asking price. Your service was better than outstanding.

All my friends ask me how you can sell my home so quick. I say see the "Green Banker - Stanley Lo"

Thanks again Stanley for all your help.

Bill Mayer

Steve Moore, Hillsborough
To whom it may concern,

Laurie and I have known Stanley Lo since we bought our first home in Hillsborough in 2003. Stanley was the selling agent and we retained him as buying agent as well. The transaction was flawless.

In fact, we were so pleased with the quality of service that we went back to Stanley to sell our home last year (moved out of state). Stanley marketed the home and we ultimately received an acceptable price via auction between two bidders. Stanley knows the market. He knows how to get deals done that keep clients coming back to Green Banker.

I recommend him highly.

Steve Moore

Frank Ortisi, Millbrae
Dear Stanley,

It was a pleasure to have met you July 5 at my Millbrae property. Thank you so much for your expert help concerning this matter.

You are a very kind and generous man, and your many accomplishments speak for themselves. I like business and to see what you have been able to do in your life is truly an inspiration to me, as I am sure many others.

Frank Ortisi

Yury Kopansky, Foster City
Dear Stanley,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you personally and to your entire team at the Green Banker for all your attention help and support during the house sale. Your Smart marketing strategy, documentation preparation - everything worked in perfection!

Thanks a million!

Best Regards,
Yury Kopansky

Laura Ching, San Mateo
Hi Stanley,

Thank you very much and congratulations on a great job. We appreciate all you did for us. Also thanks to you and your very efficient staff, all of whom were very professional, responsive and prompt in all aspects of the sale.

Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Laura Ching and Family

Brian & Annette, Pacifica
To all the Stanley Lo Gang,

Thank you for all your help, good spirits, & professionalism with 300 Fremont.

All the best,

Brian & Annette

Daniel Drown, San Mateo
To Whom It May Concern

I have been involved in real estate for 50+ years. I have been a CPA, a real estate attorney and a real estate broker.

Stanley Lo is the smartest residential real estate broker I have ever met. Because he owns his own business he can do things, to benefit his clients, that broker/agents that work for large real estate companies can not and would not ever do. Mr Lo does not work for money, but rather for the satisfaction that he gets from knowing he can do a better job of buying or selling a house in his market than anyone else. He works for the praise of clients like me and my wife.

He has sold two houses for us, one in Burlingame and one in San Mateo. The last one, this month, sold in four days, with four all cash offers, well above the listed price and we closed escrow in 3 days. He is able to work with other agents extremely well because they know from his 40+ years in this market when tells them something they better believe it.

Very truly yours

Daniel Drown and Gloria Rydingsword

Catherine & Collin Lau, Hillsborough
Hi Stanley:

Just want to thank you for selling our house at record price / square foot and in record time. You worked your magic, as usual.

Credit should also be given to Crystal who has been a great help. She really stayed on top of things to ensure that the entire process was smooth and on track.

Thanks again. We could not have done it without you and we would not have gotten the condo had we had a different real estate agent . We appreciate all your help. By the way, we are very happy with the condo.

Catherine & Collin Lau

Mike Yang, San Carlos
RE: Very satisfied client

Dear Stanley:

I want to start out by thanking you and your staff for the highly professional services you provided in selling our property at San Carlos.

Besides selling the property at a top market price, you have impressed me greatly on your customer centric commitment. You are truly rare breed in the real estate industry. I have close friends who are real estate agents, but none of them comes close to you in spending the time to understand the clients' expectations and helping them to achieve these targets. Too often I see agents arguing with clients about why their expectations are unreal in the interest of the deal instead of the client. You are different. Times after times, I feel that your recommendations genuinely come from my perspectives even if they would result in more work for your team or compromise on your own interest. You have not only earn my respect as a real estate professional but also my trust as a personal advisor.

Stanley, I look forward to the opportunity of doing more business with you in the future.

Warm regards,

Mike Yang

Pio de Feo, Hillsborough
To whom it may concern:

Professionally I am ("I was" would be more precise) a scientist; I worked for prestigious organizations like Boeing Aircraft Co. and NASA. For awhile I had my own consulting company that I sold after 5 years of successful operations. I have been, however, always interested in Real Estate (RE) and I started investing in that area, early in my life. My RE business grew substantially with time, and now, is my only occupation.

I recently sold my home for 18 years, in Hillsborough. The entire process was a wonderful experience that I want to share with others who may want to sell their home or purchase one. When it was time to sell my home I interviewed several RE agents, some of whom with impressive past performance. When my wife and I interviewed Mr. Stanley Lo, however, we were really impressed not only because of his unquestionably excellent past performance but also because of his warm and professional personality. He told us that he would help us in every phase of the transaction; and he just did that way beyond our expectations. He was very flexible in accommodating all our needs and any change that came about during the process, in the most gracious manner. He was always available, always professional, and always helpful. His connections with contractors of all trades, banks, Title Insurance companies, turned out to be precious and in many occasions made possible the final deal. There was not a single issue that I brought up to him, for which he had no acceptable solution.

And, by the way, the commission he charged us was a fraction of what the other agents required.

Based on my experience I have no hesitance to recommend Stanley to anybody who needs to purchase or sell a home in Hillsborough.

If you have any questions about Mr. Lo feel free to call or email me.


Pio de Feo

Neel Valame, San Carlos
We listed our home for sale with Stanley Lo and his team at Green Bankers initially based on his success rate, his in depth of knowledge of the local market in Peninsula, SF Bay Area and for his competitive rates. Stanley himself showed up on the property at the given time to take a look and suggest modus operandi for the sale. His team led by Crystal , conducted several open houses and collected multiple offers. Stanley gave his honest opinion on each offer and his team gave us status update for each open house without we prompting them to do so. Stanley's office managed to get professional cleaners, handyman for small repairs, movers for moving out unwanted elements from the property at a reasonable rate. His office followed up with all these people relentlessly. His own crew came to property to take photographs for verification and confirmation. Stanley and his team guided us for completing all the paper work, disclosures, escrow formalities, signing off and recording. Stanley's team worked with buyer's agents professionally and handled their questions ably. Explained us our legal obligations and legal rights carefully. All in all,we are extremely happy having listed our property through Stanley Lo and his Green Bankers team. We have already given his reference to many of our friends who are thinking of buying /selling properties. Stanley looks like a hero in his pamphlets and in our honest opinion he is a hero in real life also. Regards Neel & Raj Valame

Fernando Chavez, Hillsborough
Stanley , Miriam and I want to thank you for everything you tried to do for our family. It just amazing how by fate of circumstances you come across people who are special. Not because they have money or fame, but because they have that intangible quality that make them a special human being. You are one of those individuals. We would be proud if you represented us in the sale of our home. Thanks

Gary Yeung, Hillsborough
Hi Stanley,

It was amazing working with you to find a home in Hillsborough. I am writing this testimonial for two reasons:

1. Convey our appreciation to you and your team
2. Share my experience that you provide the same excellent level of support to the professional segment as well as for wealthy clientele.

We can't thank you enough for finding our dream home! You clearly are the market leader with superior business and personal skills. You know the Hillsborough market better than anyone else and have the relationships to get the deal done. On a personal side, you are fabulously responsive, approachable and funny... throughout an otherwise stressful process!

For certain professionals, they perceive that they need to reach a certain status level in order to have you as their agent. Based on my own experience, you provided me with excellent counsel and support every step of the way as do with all other clients. You respect individuals who work hard to bring a better life for their families.

In closing, I want to thank you, Celeste and your excellent team. I will actively refer anyone I know at work who is buying our house in Hillsborough to you.

Best regards,
Gary Yeung

Allan Sebanc, Hillsborough
Over the last 25 years I have bought and sold several personal residences with Stanley as well as my daughter's properties. He has also sold and rented out commercial properties that were initially unsuccessfully listed with other realtors. My business involves real estate and I have worked with many agents, but none like Stanley. From the minute I met him, I could tell that real estate is his passion - he eats, sleeps, and breaths it. What is unique about Stanley is his out-of-the-box strategy and straightforward approach. He can come up with a solution to any challenge that he is faced with. He is honest and gets the job done well and efficiently. His wit and creative thinking sets him above the rest and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Cher Beilfuss, Hillsborough

Thank you for making the process of selling my home so flawless. You are true professional in every regard. I feel so blessed that I found you in this sea of realtors. I could not have asked for anything more than the above the top service that I received with every step of this process. You treated me like a billionaire with your availability, willingness to do anything to accomodate my needs/wants, and the true desire to please me. Thank you.

It was also such a distinct pleasure to meet your daughter today. What a joy it must be for you to have raised such a good person with a warm soul. She has your youthful look, but I still think you are going to outlive us all!

Thank you again for everything.



Nori Lee, Hillsborough
Hi Stanley,

It was great working with you to get our house in Hillsborough. The transaction went very smooth and we always have nice things to say about you whenever we talk to our friends and colleagues about real estate. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nori Lee

Steve Cossman, Hillsborough
Hi Stanley,

I hope this finds you well...

You are a wonderful person with whom to work... You do what you say, follow through with your actions and provide unparalleled service to your clients. In a world full of obsequious and incompetent real estate agents you stand out as a model of professionalism and drive. We have no doubt were it not for your skills and personality... we might still be sitting on the family home! You came to us with confidence and knowledge our home would sell even in this tough market. Your team is professional and thorough in their work ethic and made the transaction flawless and easy. We can not thank you enough for all your efforts and wish you all the best in the New Year.

Thanks again,
Steve Cossman

Grace Ge, Hillsborough
5 Anguido Court
Hillsborough, CA 94010

November 15, 2011

Stanley Lo and Celeste Lo
Green Banker
398 Primrose Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Dear Stanley and Celeste,
I'm so sorry to take it long to write this THANK YOU letter to you! But the truth is in the last few months since we bought our new house, there is never one day passing by without a big THANKS to both of you in my mind.

It has never been easy to find a dream house in the Bay Area. In my opinion, there is never a “down” market for the attractive houses in the peninsula. Everywhere else in the country it may be still cooling, but not here. There are young tech gurus from Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. with big stock options; entrepreneurs from the financial district in San Francisco; Biotech is booming here; there are also smart international investors who are ready to jump right in with plenty of cashes...

Under this market, we have been looking for our house for over a year, by ourselves, and with other agents... Frankly I got pretty discouraged by the end. Our price is never enough for the house we liked; and whatever we can afford is not what we wanted at all... Until I came to Stanley!

Within one week, Stanley has showed me dozens of houses in Hillsborough, a much prestigious neighborhood that we've attempted but always hesitated to stretch our financial limit to get into. It's still hard for me to believe this, Stanley, but you've done it all for us! You have helped us found THE DREAM house, guided us through the whole purchase process, presented our offer in a much appealing and sincere way to the seller, and got our offer accepted in a price that I can only pray for.

Celeste, with you, I realized the acceptance of our offer is just the start of my sweeter dream. You have made the escrow process so smooth for us - from your diligent communicating with the school district to get my daughter enrolled in time, to close the escrow within a challenging timeline with the seller overseas, Celeste, you've handled every details coming to you so gracefully and efficiently! You are beyond all my expectations! It was such a pleasure working with somebody as young and talented and sweet as you.

Stanley and Celeste, I know we will enjoy our new house for many years to come! And you will forever be in a special place in my heart, which you've earned through your dedication and enthusiasm to your work, and your commitment and sincere to your clients. Stanley, I'm especially happy for you that you've passed the most important wealthy in life to your children and many more generations to come, which is your discipline, your value, your hardworking and you spirit of life, which is YOUR legacy!

I will be so happy to be your advocator in anyway. If there is ever a need, please pass my contact to any of your prospective clients and I'd be happy to share my wonderful experience with you guys to any of them.

I wish the best to you, Stanley and Celeste, and to all the wonderful Green Banker Team! Please say thanks to Gloria too!

You guys are THE BEST!
Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season and we'll definitely keep in touch!

Sincerely yours,

Grace Ge

Rita & Joel Adler, Hillsborough

Thank you for the professionalism, as well as personal attention, that you and your staff brought to the sale of our home of 28 years in Hillsborough. Although it was a stressful experience caused by an uncertain market, you provided expertise, reassurance, and the right buyer in a timely manner. You correctly advised us with respect to staging and marketing the property. We also appreciated that you were always available to answer questions and address concerns.

The way in which you facilitated the tandem escrows for the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new condominium was impressive. It is apparent that you love what you do and are enthusiastic about each new client and transaction. We wish you continued success.

Warm regards,
Rita & Joel Adler


Eva And Robert Bostrom, Foster City
We wish to thank you for the outstanding job that you did in the selling of our home in foster city,ca. Each and every aspect of the sale of our home was done with a very professional touch which resulted in our home being sold in less than three weeks.

Norma & James Hsu, Hillsborough

Dear Stanley,

Thank you so much for having closed the sale of 960 Parrott. We are truly impressed by your exceptionally effective handling of the transaction, plus the renovation which not only cost less than we expected but also completed with good quality and in timely fashion (Please give our thanks to Mr. Yao Zhang).

Yes, we will be pleased to have you assist us in our future investment endeavor. In fact, we havent had any plan as to how to use the proceeds for next property investment. Any advice from you will be greatly appreciated.

Having checked our Citibank online, I see that the balances shown on both the equity source and mortgage loan accounts are now zero. Its a great relief.

Please also give our thanks to Celeste for her courteous and prompt attention.

Best reagrds,
Norma & James Hsu


Mark Levin, Redwood City

Celeste (and Stanley),

We originally made our decision based on the financial commitment that the Lo family made along with their ability to effectively market our house.

Having only had experience buying and selling house in California in a buyers market we had no idea how much advice, love, special care and constant communications we would require. This is where I believe the Lo family excels.

My years of business experience tells me that Stanley has instilled in his family the same values that the world instilled in him. This is very unusual in the second generation of successful family businesses as the children have not lived the experiences of the first generation.

This is a credit to Stanley as a person and indeed your entire family.

The experiences of the family have an added value to their clients.

Thank you again for all you did and have done for us.

Warmest personal regards,


Nikki Stich, Hillsborough

To whom it may concern,

I recently listed my property with, Stanley Lo. I had known him for some time before I decided to se ll my home and reviewed nearly 100 agents before choosing Stanley. For 2-3 weeks prior to listing my property, 20 agents contacted me and told me specifically not to list with Stanley Lo. In retrospect, I should have contacted the real estate board for the inappropriate comments that I have received. The agents acted in bad faith and violated Fair Business Practices.

Stanley is a most ethical man and I would use him again. He has never bad mouthed another agent in front of me and helped me take an offer from another agent that included taking much less commission for himself. He and his entire staff treated me like family and did the best job anyone could have done. If he advises you to take a little less money, it is because of his experience with the market and your best interest in mind. I was glad to follow his advice as my house has sold; while several others have been forced to drop their prices and are still on the market.

To anyone serious ly interested in selling their property I strongly recommend Stanley Lo. I know how challenging it can be to choose the right agent, especially with todays tighter market. After all of the phone ca lls, e-mails and interviews I am happy that I chose Stanley and I would choose him again.


Nikki Stich


Jon & Jyl Neis, San Bruno

Stanley & celeste & office,

Thank you all for your hard work on our behalf in selling our home in San Bruno. We just wanted to say how pleased we are with your entire staff in their professionalism.

Please share this little token from us with the office!!!

Thanks again.
Jon & Jyl Neis


Phyllis Shapiro, Hillsborough

Dear Stanley,

In any galaxy, you would be a star!

You have worked the hardest and become the most successful real estate brokerage the Bay Area has ever seen.

With your tremendous drive and energy, you will set more records in the years to come.

I hope you will continue to be "going like 60" and not need a tune up for the next 50 years.

You are a brilliant businessman and a true gentleman.

Thank you for all you have done.


Phyllis Shapiro


Todd DeLoach, Foster City


I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Celeste, Ming, and your entire staff for the superb job in staging, marketing, and selling my mother’s home in Foster City. To put it simply, you provided the broadest range of services offered by any realtor in the area, and did it at the most competitive commission rates available. Our house sold for more than we expected and faster than we expected. My mother had lived in the house for 42 years, and you definitely put some ease into what was, otherwise, a very stressful time.

After interviewing several other area realtors beforehand, I fail to see why anyone would list their property with another realtor. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell property in and around the SF peninsula area.

Again, many regards, and I wish you, and your entire staff all the best.

Todd DeLoach


Stanley Kreseicki & Toni Oberle, Daly City

Stanley Lo and team did a superb job in selling our home, all in under two weeks with the least amount of our effort and time. Even our move to Oregon, with Green Banker’s help, went smoothly.

We are greatful to have come across Green Banker. Feel free to use us as a reference for your future clients!

Stanley Kreseicki & Toni Oberle


Arden K Weinberg, Hillsborough

Dear Stanley,

Bill and I want to thank you for your superb assistance in the sale of our home. We were impressed that you were always available to us for small or bug questions.

We found that you were not only involved in the sale but also contributed many interesting and creative ideas to the process.

Your staff is excellent and there was someone always there. A special salute to Celeste Lo. What a winner!

Arden K. Weinberg
Attorney At Law


Mary A. Reis, Burlingame

Mr. Stanley Lo and Associates
Green Banker
199 California Dr., Suite 168
Millbrae, CA 94030

Re: Sale of my residence at 735 El Camino Real, #303, Burlingame, CA

Dear Mr. Lo and associates:

Pat and I are getting settled in our new home in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Now that my computer is unpacked, I can write to thank you for the excellent service I received from you and your staff in the sale of my home in Burlingame.
I have bought and sold nine personal residences in the Bay Area in the last 35 years. Of those transactions, only the one which was handled by you and your staff went so well that I would recommend you to friends and family. Except for the fact that I moved 1,200 miles away from the Bay Area, I would use your services again. No other real estate agent ever got repeat business from me.

My home sold quickly, for more than asking price. Your staff managed all details of the sale promptly and efficiently. I could not have wished for a better outcome.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you again for an outstanding job.

Very truly yours,
Mary A. Reis


Clarke & Margaret So, Hillsborough
You have done everything right!

Judy A. Grossetti, Foster City

Dear Stanley,

Just wanted to say "thanks" to the Lo Team for the quick sale and smooth closing of my property in Foster City.

Celeste and Ming were terrific and patient - always there for every question or concern I may have had ... professional and yet personal through the whole ordeal.

Thanks again ... you guys are fantastic!

Judy A. Grossetti